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The Rejects was a rock group that formed in Adelaide in 1976 and later disbanded in 1984.


The original line-up of the band had all attended Craigmore High School until 1975. Some members of the band were also later in various other local acts such as, 'The Hop.' The Rejects recorded various original songs at the Bloor Court practice rooms off Currie Street, Adelaide, South Australia.


Main line-up

  • Laurence Cooper - drums, vocals, percussion
  • Nick Swann - guitar, vocals, bass
  • Phillip Peel - vocals, saxophone
  • Robert Shepheard - bass, vocals, guitar
  • Mike Rawlinson - guitar, vocals
  • Mark Wyman - bass, vocals

Other members

  • Greg Walkom - guitar
  • Dave Wald - guitar
  • Eric Wood - bass
  • David Betheras - piano
  • Colin Currie - harmonica