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The Scabs are a punk band based in Adelaide, South Australia, formed in 2002 by brothers Klay and Clinton "Spud" Wood and joined by bassist, Joshua Lamont in 2006.


Early history (2002-2005)[]

The scabs formed in 2002 at work for the dole by brothers Klay (drummer/vocalist) and Spud Wood (gutarist) and Matt Lenarchyck (bass). They wrote and recorded their debut EP, the "Pick 'em and Eat 'em EP" and played a lot of shows with various metal and punk bands until the departure of Matt in 2006.

Eat Fat Titties (2006-present)[]

In 2006, Matt left and the bassist position was filled by Joshua Lamont. Joshua has since left the band and was replaced by Lenny Pegg.

The Scabs have completed two recordings since 2006. "Eat Fat Titties" (2006), and the recent 2014 release of "I Wonder What The Poor People Are Doing?"

Musical Influences[]

The Scabs' musical style is best described as punk rock with a heavy influence from Rodney Rude which is most evident in the lyrics.The Scabs are influenced by many different genres and bands like The Vandals, Slayer, TISM, Public Enemy and Motorhead just to name a few.  

Band Members[]

 Current Members

  • Klay Wood - Drums/Vocals
  • Spud Wood - Guitar
  • Lenny Pegg - Bass

Past Members

  • Joshua Lamont
  • Matt Lenarchyck


  • Pick 'em and Eat 'em (2002)
  • Eat Fat Titties (2007)
  • Wonder What The Poor People Are Doing? (2014)