The Timbers is a folk group from Adelaide.  

Biography[edit | edit source]

The Timbers have toured regularly with shows in Victoria, New South Wales, Northern Territory, and Queensland. They have played countless music festivals in Adelaide and interstate including Caloundra Music Festival (Qld), Anglesea Music Festival (Vic) and Wide Open Spaces (NT), and supported acts such as The Audrey’s, The Beards, Ben Salter, The Twoks, Woohoo Revue, and Jordie Lane. They won The Emily Burrow's Award from APRA and the best film-clip for their clip "Gallantry" at the Clare Valley Film Festival. 

Members[edit | edit source]

  • Simon Basey - vocals, guitar, trombone, accordion
  • Benjamin Roberts - guitar, mandolin, banjo, tamborine, tin whistle, vocals
  • Kyle Vause - trumpet, vocals, percussion
  • Joe Murphy - banjo, percussion, vocals
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