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Kyle Opie


I have wasted a lot of spare time contributing to the Adelaide Music Wiki over the last few years. I came across it several years after it had been started and was virtually left dormant. Now a vast majority of the 500+ pages of the wiki were written up and edited by me. The Adelaide Music Wiki just struck me as a potentially important and very functional resource for music in South Australia. I have found it to be a great place to document my own musical endeavours, but moreover I have tried to expand the range of styles and eras of music and musicians documented on it, maybe as a basis for it to further expand. Herein lies my problem, it hasn't continued to expand much further than my own contributions and I don't really have the resources or know how to share it enough to see if many people would share the same enthusiasm for it. It acts exactly as Wikipedia does, anyone can edit or contribute to it, but it's purpose is solely to document information relating to music in South Australia. There is and has been such a multitude of incredible music and musicians that has come from SA, as in anywhere in the world, and the idea that, that information can be public domain, so that it is not lost forever seems to speak to me and this wiki seems to be the perfect way to do that, a highly interlinked space that anyone can share and maintain their records.

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