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Zeequil is an Adelaide-based electronic duo.


The members of Zeequil have diverse histories of singing at the iconic Glastonbury festival and DJing in the clubs of the summer in Ibiza. Their music is a fusion of layered percussive beats, bass & melodic string lines under vocals.

Originally out of London, Mehdi DJ’s, produces and writes music. He is deeply involved in the local live community and can regularly be found DJing in the bars and clubs of Adelaide and Melbourne.

With a rich history of singing and recording, including jazz, swing, electronic and world music, Lizzie has performed with numerous bands in Australia, UK and Europe. She writes and produces her own music, which she has performed at numerous gigs and festivals.

To augment the live experience, Zeequil are often accompanied by seasoned drummer and percussionist, Christian Teusner (The EMU Tree). He has worked and toured internationally with various producers & musicians and elevates the show with his diverse instrumentation.


  • Lizzie Bradley - vocals
  • Mehdi El-Aquil - keyboards, percussion, production